Ugears India Team is meeting friends at ET Tech X 2019 in Hyderabad

From December 5 till December 7 the Ugears India Team is meeting friends at ET Tech X 2019, a key event in the Education and Training Technologies Industry, which draws manufacturers from all over the world. During three days guests from educational institutions and schools will have a great opportunity to discover Ugears mechanical models and to have amazing learnings about mechanisms, trains, cars, trucks, engines and puzzle boxes.

ugears India

Ugears team will be glad to see each of your and invite you to the awesome (and, admittedly, old-school but yet-so-cool!) world of mechanics. Ugears’ mission is to give an unforgettable time of working together on things that are popular for all ages. We want family members and friends have fun bonding while creating. And as a result to get revived mechanical marvels.

Location : Hitex Exhibition & Сonvention Center, Hyderabad

Dates : from 5th till 7th Dec, 2019

Working Hours : 10 AM to 7 PM

Ugears’ Stall No : B-55

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